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F.A.Q. - Accounts and Budget

General (All versions) Version for Windows Version for LINUX
Accounts and Budget is it compatible with Windows 10 ?

Yes! The Accounts and Budget software is compatible with the Microsoft Windows 10 version.

How to unlock the software for unlimited-accounts ?

It all depends on the version you have installed on your computer!

- If you installed the free Mono-account version:
1. You must purchase the key for the multi-account from the official website via the Rates page.
2. Once you have received the key by e-mail, go to the software, create a database if you have not done it
and click Preferences on the icon bar. Click "Manage multiple accounts ..." you can specify the
information to switch to multicomputing.

- If you have installed the full version with 30 days trial:
1. Just buy the software directly from the Microsoft Store. In this case Windows will give you access
Unlimited software ... You simply need to be logged in with your Microsoft account.

MS Money: How to recover my MNY backups ?

Please read : Recover all data from Microsoft Money.

MS Money: How to recover my MBF backups ?

Money's data recovery wizard only accepts MNY files.
If you still have access to MS Money then you will have access to the MNY file
Search for it with file explorer, search for "* .mny" from disk C:
Otherwise you have the solution to contact the support, it is still possible to convert but for this it will transmit your file (email or cloud share).
This conversion is free and you will have a MNY file within 24 hours.

Change the initial balance of an account

When creating the account you enter a balance, this is the initial balance starting point of your accounting, it is advisable to indicate the last balance on your last bank statement ...
In case of an error, you can modify it via Preferences + Bank accounts + account selection + enter the initial balance ...

I change my computer, what should I do ?

From the old post:
  1. Make a backup copy via the function of the same name on a USB stick for example.
From the new post:
  1. Download the latest version.
  3. Install the downloaded version.
  5. Start Accounts and Budget.
  7. Debride the software if you have a key otherwise go to step 5.
  8. Click "Restore a backup" and specify the .bdu file on your backup media.

Why I still have not received my key to unlock the software ?

If you have placed the order from the Microsoft Store , in this case there is no need for a key, it is Windows that will give you unlimited access to the software to the extent that you are logged in with your Microsoft account.

If you have placed the order from , you must receive two emails, the first confirms the bank transaction (payment by credit card), the second will contain the key to unblock the software (this mail is sent 48 hours at the latest after payment) ...
Some users may not receive these emails:

    - Either the email address you provided is wrong.
    - Either the security rules of your Internet provider or your Antivirus prevents the reception of these mails. (frequent at Free and Orange)

First check the spam box or junk mail, and as a last resort contact support.

Note : On average, the keys are sent within 24 hours, usually every morning, and the omissions are almost non-existent.

When make a bakcup ?

Accounts and Budget automatically backs up the data you enter locally on your disk. But to prevent computer mishaps (hard disk failures, viruses, bad handling ...) it is in your interest to make a backup copy of your data. To do this, simply use the function provided for this purpose via "Data Tools" + "security copy" from the home page.
The frequency of the backup copies depends on the importance of the latter, if you are an individual once a month is more than enough, if you are a professional then once a week is a minimum.
Be aware that the software also performs duplicate data in addition to the current backup, called system backup, which you can restore at any time.

How to install the software on LINUX ?

Software compatible with DEBIAN distributions (UBUNTU, LUBUNTU ...)

Software Installation:
3 possibilities:
1. Request the installation of the software via the Internet browser if proposed.
2. Open the .deb file from the file explorer once downloaded. Then click on "Install".
3. Via Terminal with the command line: Command: sudo dpkg -i accounts-and-budget.deb (from the folder where the .deb file is located)

Problems when starting the software:
If the program does not start it's probably because of a problem related to Runtimes JAVA (jre)
Accounts and Budget requires the Oracle JRE (the latter is built into the installation package)

The presence of the JRE of OpenJDK can disrupt the startup of the software. We have to make sure it's good
the Oracle JRE that is invoked to start the software.

Perform a test via the terminal and try to start using the default JAVA Command: java -jar accounts-and-budget.jar (from the folder where Accounts and Budget is located)

In case of malfunction do not hesitate to contact the support.