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Recover all data from MS Money

How to recover data from Microsoft Money ?

You want to abandon MS Money, you want to find your data in the Accounts and Budget software under Window or MAC? There are two solutions :

Recover data from .mny file

Accounts and Budget includes a wizard that allows you to recover Money data directly from the .mny backup file. The advantage of this solution is that it is simple to use and in addition it allows to recover all operations, accounts, categories, third parties, stock portfolios ...
No need to have Money on hand to recover your data, you simply specify the file and the password if you used one and the assistant takes care of everything.
This solution is compatible with the version of Microsoft Money 98 and with all the following versions.
You can recover Money data even with the free version of the software, if you have multiple accounts the software will allow you to check that the recovery has been successful.

To use the wizard from Account and Budget:
From the first start of the software, on the Welcome page click on the Retrieve data from Money button, or from the homepage click on Import then select the .mny file

Simple et rapide

Limit : The data recovery wizard does not work with password protected MNY files Then try to remove the password from Money (If the service is still active)

If you do not have access to the .MNY file and you only have the .MBF file (backup - backup) in your possession then contact the support, all is not lost!

That's the processing time varies depending on the number of data in your .mny file but will be relatively fast. For 20 000 operations 5 - 10 minutes are enough.
Once the treatment is finished the wizard closes, you just have to open the newly created folder to check that all your children are there. Check the balance of each account, the schedule of the deadlines, update the code of the titles for the automatic update of the quotations ...
If you note the slowness of the software it is strongly advised to archive the data, this allows to split in two the database

Recover data frim QIF file

If you still have access to Money, you can choose to export each account to an OFX or QIF file (depends on Money versions), since the Accounts and Budget software create all the accounts you need and come import the corresponding OFX file, QIF. This solution is more laborious because it requires processing account by account. In spite of this you will find all your operations, your thirds, your categories.
To obtain an OFX or QIF file from MS Money click on the File + Export menu items and select the account to export.
Step 1
Export function
Step 2
Choose the type QIF
Step 3
Select file
Step 4
Select file source
Step 5
Select a bank account

To import transactions into Accounts and Budget with a .OFX or .QIF file, click Import from the home page. Select the OFX or QIF file, select the account, select the option "file from another management software".

Step 1
Import feature
Step 2
Select the Qif file