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Share, sync. data on multiple devices

Why share data

When we have several computers, tablets or smartphones it becomes interesting to have access to the same data. Whether at home or away, your accounting data remains available for viewing or even to modify them. Still have to respect some important rules:

Ideal solution to access your data from all your equipment

Everyone is free to choose the solution of his choice but if you need to retrieve your data at once on your Windows, MAC, LINUX, on your smartphones and tablets (android, iPhone, iPAd) the solution via the CLOUD AlauxSoft is in my opinion ideal. Ultra simple to set up. Once the service is activated, you have nothing to do! The service is offered at a very competitive rate.

AlauxSoft Cloud

You can work offline but the connection to the Internet will be necessary for updating the data.

How activate the Sync. :

1. Buy the synchronization key, only one is enough for all your systems, it is valid for 1 year. ( Buy the sync key )
2. Once you have received the appointment key on each of your posts to activate synchronization. Tip: Start with the one that is up to date data
3. Click on the button corresponding to the figure opposite Automatic synchronization for Windows, Mac os, iOS, Android, Linux or via the function" Enable synchronization ... "
4. Close the software before switching to activation on another system

Special feature Under iOS in the Server box specify ALAUXSOFT.

Advises :

1. You can activate the "Consultation Only" mode if you want to access the data without overwriting it. Practice if you are two (or more), one deals with seizures the other consults them.
2. Two months before the end of the validity of the synchronization key, the activation button will be displayed again.
3. If you are in an area not covered by the Internet, you can still work on the software, just think about synchronizing the data back into a covered area.
4. You can also temporarily disable the automatic synchronization (to limit the Internet connection), again think to activate it again to update the data.

Share data : Free Solution

One of the solutions to retrieve your data on another computer or mobile system is to make a backup copy of the data (via the functions provided for this purpose) and to restore it on the other station. You can use the storage medium of your choice (USB key, Network disk, sending by email, cloud ...) to transport the data of a post to the other. To recall a backup file with the extension .BDU, it is this file which must pass from one post to another.

Use the backup

Particularity under Android you have to copy / paste the backup to the /AlauxSoft/AccountsEtBudget folder then use the Backup / Restore functions of App.
Particularity Under iOS you must connect your system to iTunes, then copy or paste the backup into the App space.