List of the evolutions for Small-Business Accounting

Version 6.0.6 (07/2014)
Home page :
New home page.

Version 6.0.5 (05/2013)
Database :
Automatic system saving.

 Version 6.0.4 (09/2012)

Fixed bugs:
All bug of the previous version are fixed.

 Version 6.0.3 (03/2012)

 Version 6.0.2 (07/2011)

Importation of data:
- New report of importation.
- Yan can indicate the line to start the importation (only for CSV format).
- You can import data from a portfolio.
- You can indicate a data separator with some letters.
Database :
- The software notify you to make a backup. (you can choose the frequency)
- Open existing bank file more quickly by usin the "Open" button.
Portfolio :
- You can update your portfolio from Internet (Yahoo fiances).
Transactions :
- New feature : Clone.
- You can save the last sort.
- New security to protect transaction against bad manipulations.
- The last search is saved.
- New module to reconcile transactions.
Due Dates :
- New feature : Cumulate.
- You can link a file (scan, image, work file...)
Various :
- You can stop the Internet connection.
- You can have similar sub-category label.
- To print the sotware use the integrated exploer.
 Version 6.0.1 (01/2010)
Importation of data:
It is possible to import transactions with splited categories if you are using a QIF format (QUICKEN).
The software make a control of data before the backup.
Budget module :
New  function to ajust the forecast directly from the report module.
Portfolio :
It is possible to select the stocks-account for the translation...
 Version 6.0.0 (06/2009)
Management of the database:
The database can be stored on external support (Server, USB Key...) Accounts & Budget can access directly to this database.
The saving of data will be stored into only one file (.BDU)  ex : MysavingOfData.bdu
Module debts:
Simulador bank loan at a fixed rate.
Ability to create a bank loan from the simulation. Generation of time with support for breakdowns of capital, interest and insurance on the loan.
Module documents:
Opportunity to associate with each document (scanned document, Word ...), this function can be used to reference the bills.
Search partner since the home page.
Module Report:
Ability to display or export the detailed report.
New column "Evolution" for the stock by category
Module properties:
Possibility of reference of the property to estimate the best wealth to accurately track expenses and income related to these assets (total cost, average cost)
Module Homepage:
Display of wealth (current, savings, debt, stock exchange, property ...)
Search function Payers/payees, documents, and properties for quick access to the listing.
Quick access to functions from the notifications
Module Payers/Payees :
Consideration of a payment to monitor the payment of bills / dues.
Notification of late payments from the home page or from the list of payers/payees.
Module List of transactions:
News columns are: Account balances, amount, date of payment (debit transactions)
 New duties on selected transactions: Accumulation, create a list, access the associated document (invoice)
Budget Module:
News columns are: Percentage
Detailed view of the budget (for Annual: month by month)
Accounts module:
Ability to display the list of accounts by type or group.
Import module:
Improving the determination of categories based on the payer / payee.
Automatic detection of transfer.
Opportunity to reverse the amount imported for deferred transactions.
Parameters of management Module:
Merge function available to payers / payees and categories.
Payment method Module:
Consideration of new rules for managing deferred debit transactions.
Ability to assign a number to a payment with automatic increments if needed.
Possibility of multi-ventilation with positive and negative amounts.