Synchronisation between the version for Android and the version for Windows

Be aware : The synchronisationis possible only with the full version for Windows.

Example with DropBox and DropSync (You can use another solution)

Step 1 : Install the version for Android on your smartphone or tablet

  1. Download the version for Android from Google Play :
  2. Start the application. Default data will be created (Account, payers, payees, categories...)

Now you must retreive data from WINDOWS...

Step 2 : Install a software of synchronisation on your devises

    From your desktop with Windows :

  1.     Install DropBox (Free).
  2.     Make a specific folder on the dropbox disk.
    Example : .../Dropbox/SynchroDataAlauxSoft


    From your Smartphone or tablet

  1.     Install DropSync. (Free)
  2.     Set the link between the folders /AlauxSoft/Synchro and /SynchroDataalauxSoft. Method "Double link"

Step 3 : Activate the synchronisation from Accounts & Budget for Windows.

    Go to Preferences + Synchronisation + click on Activate the synchronisation select the dropBox folde /SynchroDataAlauxSoft.
   Exit Accounts & Budget..The data will be stored on the dropbox disk.

Working with the version for Android

  1. Make a synchronisation from dropsync
  2. Work with the version for Android.
  3. Make a synchronisation.